Bastion, the Herald of Earth is a Major Deity in the Realm of Segunto.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Earth, Glory, Protection, Strength
Portfolio: Valor, Charity, Bravery, Leading by Example, Mercy
Common Worshipers: Community leaders, paladins, knights, dwarves

Believing himself to be a paragon of which all other beings should model themselves after, Bastion is a confident, kindhearted, and sometimes boastful god. In his code, he states that those who follow his ideals are fit to lead any society through personal merit and justness. Bastion believes his followers should be rigorously tested and challenged to show their personal merit, and the Herald of Earth actively challenges the other gods to bring forth trials to test their conviction. A strong believer that evil is simply weakness of the soul, he encourages his followers to grant mercy upon his enemies, so that they may be redeemed and strengthened under his name.

Relations with other gods:
With growth for all of Segunto as his primary motivation, Bastion has a good relation with those seeking more life into the cosmos. His allies include Alystus, Coldez, Rhoh and Daskur, as their innovations through technology assist all in the world, good or evil. He despises those with destruction and carnage in mind, particularly Zephriel. Tarn and Bastion have a fairly good sense of camaraderie, although the two are not allies. Tarn’s shared belief that his followers be challenged for worthiness constantly gives Bastion a way to prove the determination of his own followers.

Bastion has two Lesser Deities that share from his power: Yuruk, the All-Brother and Karoth, The Eternal Eye. They are collectively known as The Stone Trinity, and are closely associated with the dwarven race, although humans and many of the Lesser Races adhere to his beliefs.

Relations with the Mortal Plane:
Bastion has had a relatively small impact on the world, as his major followers, the dwarves, are a fairly reclusive race. His major influences of events in the world include The Golem Wars (Insert More)

The Churches of Bastion are generally found in largely populated areas, most notably cities with established Vanguard’s Guild.

Core Beliefs and Commandments:

Major Events of Segunto Relating to Bastion:


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